ARC Scientific Acquires Corvinus Chemicals

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With the acquisition of Corvinus Chemicals, LLC, ARC Scientific now offers a unique range of chiral ligands, catalysts, high performance reagents, and fine chemicals. We now stock the widest range of chiral biaryl ligands in the world which we offer individually or in cost-effective kits. Our latest products include a generation of chiral binol phosphoric acids, thio-phosphoric acids, and several derivatives available only from ARC Scientific. We now also supply a creative and innovative selection of building blocks encompassing a vast variety of functionalized aziridines, indoles, benzofurans, and other one-of-a-kind reagents to expedite drug discovery as well as methods development. To ensure strict quality control ARC Scientific will continue to manufacture over 500 select catalysts, chiral ligands, and fine chemicals from our facilities in Syracuse, NY, USA. Using our state-of-the-art capabilities, ARC Scientific can support applications from the bench to pilot plant with confidence and confidentiality. 

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